Spotify Jukebox

Let your guests be the DJ! Our interactive jukebox allows guests to search for songs and push them to the DJ's playlist to hear songs that they like.

Networking Kiosk

Welcome Screen

The welcome screen of our Spotify app allows your guests to scan their unique QR code so that the songs that each guest selects can be tagged to their name.

There is also a 'I don't have a QR code' option for walk-in guests.

Companies and organisers can also put their logo on the welcome screen to add a personal touch to the app!


Searching for Songs

Guests can search for their favourite tunes to add them to the playlist that is playing at the event! If the guest logs in with a QR code, his or her name will be reflected on this screen instead of 'Guest' for a personalised and deeper level of engagement.


Playlist View

Go into 'playlist view' so that you can see the songs that are queueing to be played at your event! See the last played song, song title, requestor and the time it was added.

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