A flexible event app with surveys, polls, Q&As, and more

Mobile Event apps

A flexible event app that is full of features to help you engage and interact with your attendees.

Native Container and Browser Event Apps

Home Screen

Post articles on the home screen and create a great landing point for your guests to navigate to the other pages.


Create detailed agendas for your guests so they know everything about what they are in for.


Pin multiple relevant locations on the map to make it easier for guests to navigate themselves around multiple venues.


Share biographies of the people who help make your event happen. Feature your sponsors or introduce your speakers.


Allow your guests to book sessions with the app so you know how many people to expect and to regulate capacity.


With custom pages, you can put out any content that might not be included in our existing list of features.

Push Notifications

Send mass or personalised notifications to your guests in the native app version of our app.


The messaging function lets the participants get in touch with one another without having to swap contacts.

File Archive

The file archive lets the guest download useful session keynotes and materials.

Contact Sharing

Guests can do away with the hassle of business cards with this feature.


The Q&A feature lets guests engage with the event organizer instantly.


Pit your guests against each other with a simple but fun quiz game! Show their scores on a leaderboard to get some healthy competition going among them.

Word Cloud

Encourage guest participation with a word cloud generator. Ask them any question and have their responses appear on screen in real time.

Picture Gallery

The app users can upload images onto the picture gallery.

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Live Screening

Live Screening

Browser App

Accessible with any browser, this version is has a very low barrier to entry, this version is suitable for shorter, one-day events. And your guests don't have to download anything!


Native Container

Our container app gives you all the functionality of a native app housed within the Onlive container app. Guests can access your app by keying in the event code.


Branded App

We'll submit the branded app to iOS/Android app store on your behalf and you can use our CMS to control the content. Your brand will be visible right from the App store!

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