Check in and Badging

We understand that attendance data is something that is crucial to our customers. Our check-in solution allows you to efficiently track the number of attendees at your event in real time. Seamlessly combine this process with name badging for a fuss-free check-in process for your guests.

How It Works

The onsite check-in process can be a real pain point for events.
We created a solution to make it as seamless as possible - for you and your guests!


Self check-in

Reduce waiting times by allowing your guests to check themselves in.

Instant badge printing

Use different mediums and sizes to fit your event's unique needs.

Register guests immediately

Walk-in guests can easily get themselves registered and checked in by filling out the in-app form.

Reports at any time

Organisers can easily pull reports from our backend system or from within the app at any time.

Session check-ins

Stay organised and keep track of your guests' movements and attendance across your event's breakout sessions.

"It was great using Zeguestlist for our anniversary party! From planning to execution, they were helpful and extremely prompt. Professional online registration pre-event coupled with QR and NFC check-in of guests on-site, made the event organization much easier for us. Our guests were super impressed with their technology and it made checking in and monitoring of guests' attendance a breeze."

Charmaine Tan,
Marketing Manager, Harper's BAZAAR & COSMOPOLITAN Singapore

Mobile Check-In

We also provide a hand-held option for your check-in process. All you have to do is download our check-in app, scan your guests' QR codes and they get immediately checked in. This solution can also be paired with sticker label printing for a badging solution that is quick and fuss-free.

Facial Recognition

Leverage on facial recognition technology to make your check-in process more interesting and frictionless. Our check in system takes a photo of your guest onsite and matches it to a photo that they uploaded during the online registration process.

NFC Technology

Make use of NFC technology to track your guests' movements around your event with any touch points that you can set up. Use NFC to know who has triggered content at touch points, attended breakout sessions, or use it to collect points for gift redemptions.

Badging Options

We offer a variety of badging solutions to fit your needs. Choose from a combination of our check in solutions, and the different badging mediums we use - A6 paper, CR80 plastic cards, and sticker labels.

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